Guests of Honor

Award-Winning Editors, Authors, Agents, and You!

 Lynne Thomas  

Michael Thomas  

Mikki Kendall  

John Urbancik  

Jennifer Udden  

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Schedule and Venue

MoCon Panel


Friday Night

6:00 Doors Open

7:00 Official “Alethea Kontis Welcome” Dinner

8:30 Hip Hop performance by Diop

10:00 Afterparty


10:00 Doors Open

11:00 “Art and Social Practice”: we are more than just writers and editors. This is a conversation on using our art to explore who we are and what we’re about (Lynne and Michael Thomas, John Urbancik)

12:00 Lunch

1:30 “Valuing our art, valuing ourselves”: A frank and practical conversation on the business of art. Be it our words, our art, our songs, our speaking, or even consulting, we have to value what we do and charge accordingly. But how do we do that? (Maurice Broaddus, Mikki Kendall, Diop, Steve Gilberts)

3:00 BREAK NOW (tour Fountain Square)

5:00 “Wine to Jen”: Um, Maurice keeps pouring wine for Jen while she fields questions about agenting. (Maurice Broaddus and Jen Udden)

6:00 Dinner

8:00 Afterparty


11:00 Brunch/Dead Dog Party


The Switchboard is a 24/7 coworking site, in the Fountain Square district of Indianapolis, focused on connection, collaboration, and creation within the growing community. Located at 735 Shelby Street in downtown Indianapolis, it offers meeting spaces and 19 private offices.


Parking in the Fountain Square area can be a bit challenging. Use the parking map below to find a good spot

Parking Map (coming soon)

What are you waiting for?

Register for the con at the $50 early bird rate before March 15th. Tickets will be $75 after that.

In addition to the usual great time, we cater a breakfast, brunch, lunch, and two dinners!


Registrants also get a copy of Jerry Gordon's debut novel, Breaking the World, from Apex Book Company!