Guests of Honor

Award-Winning Authors, Editors, Agents, Publishers, and You!

 Sheree Renée Thomas  

   Diana M. Pho   

  Bill Campbell  

  Jennifer Udden  

  Troy L. Wiggins  

  Jason Sizemore  

Schedule and Venue

MoCon Panel


Thursday Night

6:00 Cafe Creative (Central Library, 40 East Saint Clair)

8:00 Reception (Kheprw Institute, 3549 Blvd Place)

Friday Night

6:00 Doors Open

6:30 Official “Alethea Kontis Welcome” Dinner

8:00 Opening Night Event: Spoken Word (Januarie York)

9:00 Afterparty


11:00 Doors Open

11:30 An Hour with Diana Pho

12:30 Lunch (by Chef Oya)

1:30 Afrofuturism as Community Development (Sheree Renee Thomas, Bill Campbell, Troy Wiggins)

3:00 SIGNING / Explore Fountain Square

5:00 Wine with Jen Udden

6:00 Dinner

8:00 Afterparty


11:00 Brunch/Dead Dog Party


The Switchboard is a 24/7 coworking site, in the Fountain Square district of Indianapolis, focused on connection, collaboration, and creation within the growing community.

Located at 735 Shelby Street in downtown Indianapolis, it offers meeting spaces and 19 private offices.

What are you waiting for?

Pre-Register for the con at the $75 rate. Tickets will be $100 at the door.

In addition to the usual great time, we cater a breakfast, brunch, lunch, and two dinners!


Registrants also get a copy of their choice of one of three new books launching at MoCon.